我们的信念……   兴艺创设于1984年,一开始就服膺于一个简单的信念,即艺术离不开真、善、美。我们愿与大家分享审美经验和心得,也愿不断鞭策自己,寻觅和推介更多好画家、雕刻家和好作品。   本网站呈献兴艺40年努力的一份成绩单:一批我们接触过并为他们办过展览的资深画家和雕刻家的作品,包括中国书画、油画、寿山石雕,作者以中国艺术家为主,兼容少量新加坡,马来西亚等地画家。我们引荐当代资深的杰出水墨画家如贾又福、蒋采萍、许仁龙;油画 家如陆国英、李天祥、闻立鹏、马常利、赵友萍、罗中立、杨红太、陈钧德、潘世勋、郭润文、王益鹏、李延洲、王忻、刘晓、陈辉、李木、王少伦、赵小海、徐志广、闫博、曾传兴等,以及马来西亚第一代画家蔡洪钟,第二代画家谢忝宋等,新加坡第二代画家许锡勇、陈楚智、朱庆光、陈炜煌等,以及中国年轻油画家杨帅,万晓笳、杨绍军、王卓、高玉金、赵亚南的作品。寿山石雕方面,我们介绍大批著名雕刻家,包括第一代中国工艺美术大师周宝庭、郭功森、郭懋介、林亨云、冯久和、林发述、陈敬祥、林元康、林炳生,第二代工艺美术大师王祖光、陈礼忠、林飞、林东、陈文斌、黄丽娟、叶子贤、潘泗生、郑幼琳,省级大师林文举、黄忠忠、朱辉、郑世斌、王铨俤等人的作品,以及中国工艺美术大师林学善的木雕,刘若望、朱庆棠的雕塑和吴开桃的微雕。兴艺坚信绘画和雕刻所包含的美学价值和收藏价值。我们将心比心,希望踏入兴艺线上画廊的爱好者,有机会接触优秀艺术家的精神劳动成果,且有所收获。您的登陆,是我们的荣幸。

Our Conviction

We started off in 1984 with a simple belief that fine art is more than just superior workmanship. For us, art is also about truth, grace and beauty. Truth, in all its nuances, implies honesty in an artist’s experience about his art.

We believe that this is the line that separates craft from art. Great art, whether it is a simple sculpture or a complex painting, is a reflection on humanity and the human condition. Our greatest satisfaction has been in the sharing of this experience. We believe that our enthusiasm to share and our painstaking efforts to seek far and wide for the finest works of art have made us one of the most successful galleries.

We promote some of China ‘s most brilliant contemporary artists, including Jia Youfu, Jiang Caiping, Chen Hui, Cai Xiaofeng, Fu Xiaoning, Xu Renlong, Zhao Xiaohai for Chinese ink painting, and Li Tianxiang, Wen Lipeng, Ma Changli, Zhao Youping, Yang Hong Tai, Chen Junde, Bob Yan (Yan Bo), Pan Shixun, Wang Yipeng, Li Yanzhou, Wang Xin, Liu Xiao, Wang Shaolun, Chen Hui, Li Mu,  Xu Zhiguang, Zeng Chuanxing, Gao Yujin, Zhao Yanan, Uuganbayar, Wan Xiaojia for oil painting. We also recommend Singapore oil painters such as Koeh Sia Yong and Tan Choh Tee and others. As art collectors ourselves, we believe that every person who steps into our galleries in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing should have the opportunity to own a choice piece of art. Our policy is to keep the prices of good art items as affordable as possible so others can share in our enjoyment of the fine arts.

寿山石:  田黄石、高山石、芙蓉石、荔枝石等